Farrah Abraham Explains What You Get for a $five,000 Date along With Her

Not only did Farrah get pregnant at seventeen, but her mom forced her to keep her child and wouldn’t allow her to get an abortion.

But that wasn’t the only hard thing that MTV caught-on-camera…

Whilst carrying the child, the baby’s father, Derek Underwood, tragically died in a car crash.

Since leaving Teen Mom, Abraham has endeavored to make a success of her life.

Out of all the moms that appeared in on the show, Farrah has made the most effort to turn the experience into a springboard for her celebrity career.

She even starred on Celebrity Big Brother UK in 2015.

Although she didn’t fall short of controversy during her time in the Big Brother House.

Fans of the show called for her to be removed from the house after she threatened to “kill” her housemates.

Abraham was called to the Diary Room after a row broke out with former Atomic Kitten singer, Natasha Hamilton. Speaking to Big Brother, Abraham said: “I’m going to straight-up kill this whole f—–g house,” the Telegraph reports.

The reality star has tried her luck with a singing career too.

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