Farrah Abraham Explains What You Get for a $five,000 Date along With Her

She released her debut studio album My Teenage Dream Ended in 2012, followed by a memoir with the same title.

While her memoir received mixed reviews, the album received a staggeringly negative response from critics who went as far as to label her single “On My Own” as one of the “worst works of pop music ever made.”

She’s also ventured into cuisine.


After being propelled into TV stardom, Farrah decided to pursue her passion for cooking and took a course in culinary arts and management at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale in Florida, in 2011.

After earning her degree, she went on to launch her “Mom & Me” Italian pasta sauce line.

As for her love life?


She is happily single and says she doesn’t have that much time for dating.

But it seems she makes certain exceptions…


The Teen Mom star has begun charging potential suitors a whopping $5000 to take her on a date.

The star already charges fans for personalized videos and snaps…

So it comes as no surprise that she’s expecting those wanting to wine and dine her to write out a check.

So, what’s in store for those who aren’t scared off by the hefty price tag?

It seems the star runs a very tight ship, as according to Abraham, all men are background checked and screened.

She also brings security with her…

Because you obviously can’t be too careful.

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