Farrah Abraham Explains What You Get for a $five,000 Date along With Her

And it seems she very much values chivalry.

Guys, take notes…

Speaking to TooFab, when asked if women should ever pay for a meal while on a date with a guy, Abraham explained: “I would say that is a danger zone and women should really stay away from paying for any meals on dates.

“Women in general, like they should have the doors open for them. Men need to prove their worth. Like why are men around if they’re not doing the manly duties that they should?”

Abraham also explained why she charges men in the first place.

According to the star, she expects men to shell out because her time is “worth a lot of money.”

“You should always monetize your time,” she said. “I mean you’re monetizing online, why not in real life?”

So if you want her to take time out of her busy schedule…

… you have to cough up.

“Honestly I don’t really need to go on dates right now. I’m so focused on work and just everything I got going on. So yeah, pulling me away from what I love in my life, I think you can pay me for my time,” the star explained.

But it doesn’t look like they’ll be many queuing up to date her.

It seems numerous internet users are baffled by her pricey date package and have branded the star as “desperate.”

Others have called the move “embarrassing.”

As far as money-making ventures go, we can’t see this being her most successful.

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