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Disaster strikes all the time, but people aren’t always on hand to capture the moments beforehand. In the article below, we’ve brought you 30 unbelievable photos of the dramatic seconds before disaster occurs. From major world events to some lighter-hearted moments, scroll down the article below to see shocking images taken just before disaster struck.

It’s truly amazing to think just how lucky some photographers have been to find themselves in the right place and the right time before something dramatic goes down.Enjoy!

1. You won’t believe how close this container ship came to spilling all of its cargo

This is the MV Rena, a Greek container ship. It’s carrying over 3,000 containers of goods.Even though the picture above looks like disaster is about to strike, only four containers actually fell into the sea.However, the ship is tilting because it’s about to run aground off the coast of New Zealand in October 2011.The crash caused an oil spill which eventually became New Zealand’s worst maritime environmental disaster.

2. This guy came to be known as ‘the luckiest guy in motorsport’ and we can see why

The man flying through the air is Nigel Corner, who was racing a car at the Goodwood Revival in 1998 when he suffered a terrible crash.Somehow, he survived. But he did break 20 bones (including his back) and punctured both lungs.Corner later said: “Those old Ferraris are bloody strong, but if I’d been belted in I’d be a dead man now.”

3. This is what happens seconds after a bee stings a human being

This is amazing!Did you know that a bee leaves part of its digestive tract behind when it stings a human being?That’s why bees always die after they’ve released their sting. Still, we can’t believe the photographer managed to capture this amazing moment.RIP to the bee.

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