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4. Photographer Robert Landsburg was killed shortly after snapping this image

This is the moment that Mount St. Helens in Washington, USA decided to erupt in 1980.Robert Landsburg was on hand to capture the dramatic moment. But the wall of ash that burst from the volcano killed him only moments after this photograph was taken.The film survived after being sheltered by his dead body.

5. Camels might seem relatively tame but they do have very sharp teeth

This woman found out pretty quickly that camels aren’t as nice and calm as they seem on the surface. That has got to be painful.Fortunately her friend was on hand to capture the moment in all of its glory.We’re guessing she now has a fear of camels.

6. This is the crew of the Space Shuttle Challenger leaving to board the vessel and travel into outer space

The Space Shuttle Challenger launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida on January 28th, 1986.But the mission ended in disaster when the orbiter disintegrated only seconds after take-off.This chilling photo captures the final moments of the astronauts who were bound to travel into space.The Challenger disaster is still one of the most famous incidents in US history.

7. Somebody managed to capture the moments right before the Omagh bombing took place

The red car you can see on the right contains a powerful explosive device.The attack was carried out in 1998 by the real IRA in Omagh, Northern Ireland. 29 people were killed and the bomb injured 220 others.Fortunately the man and child pictured here somehow managed to survive. Sadly the photographer died.

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