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8. This dog looks like he’s about to take down a terrified victim

This man is about to get the mauling of his life…or is he?Don’t worry, it’s only a police dog training ground. The mutt in question will one day be chasing bad guys.For now, he’s running after a police officer who is praying that he wore enough padding for training day.

9. This hunter looks pretty pleased with his kill, but check out what’s waiting in the shadows

We’re betting the smile disappeared from that guy’s face pretty quickly.All he wanted to do was enjoy a peaceful trophy shot. But this lioness had other ideas.She must have been pretty hungry.

10. This is the last image taken of Uruguayan Flight 571, which crashed in the Andes

Everyone on this flight looks happy and relaxed. But little did they know that the flight was about to crash into the Andes.27 out of 45 people managed to survive the initial impact.However, the survivors were forced to cannibalise the dead in order to stay alive. 16 people were rescued over 72 days later.

11. The Columbine Massacre was one of the most shocking moments in modern US history

In this CCTV image, you can see William David Sanders – a computer and business teacher  – guiding students out of the Columbine High School cafeteria.Tragically he was later shot twice in the chest by one of the school shooters and didn’t survive the attack.

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