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12. This is the shocking moment that Keith Sapsford, a 14-year-old Australian, fell to his death on February 24th, 1970

Sapsford had been hiding in the wheel of a flight which left Sydney and was bound towards Japan.At the moment he fell from the plane, John Gilspin – an amateur photographer – was testing beyond his camera lens.He unwittingly caught the moment that Sapsford fell over 200 feet to his death.

13. Stingrays aren’t as friendly as they might seem

No wonder this girl looks upset.Stingrays don’t normally act like this, but it seems as though this particular ray took a shine to one unfortunate diver.She was fine afterwards though and fortunately it didn’t end in tragedy.

14. This photographer captured the moment a rogue BMXer received first degree burns to his stomach

It’s all fun and games until somebody dives headlong into an open fire pit.These people were enjoying a fancy dress party when one of their group got a little bit carried away and ended up crashing his bike.Straight into some burning flames. Ouch.

15. This dash cam captured the dramatic moment that TransAsia Airways Flight 235 crashed shortly after takeoff

The plane hurtled into the Keelung River in Taipei only moments after take-off and this dash cam captured the plane’s veering off course.The flight was carrying 53 passengers but only 15 people survived.

16. Surfers take their lives into their hands all the time

And this photo shows some of the risks that they have to take every single time they hit the water.One surfer got a little too close to a shark that was lurking just beneath the waves.Any fans of Jaws, look away now.

17. The image below captures the moment a great white shark began stalking a photographer in a kayak

Thomas P. Peschak was trying to get some cool images of white sharks and suggested using a kayak to lure some towards the cameras.Well, it worked like a charm.That’s a 15 foot great white following him in the waters off South Africa. However, the shark showed no aggression towards the kayak and was simply curious about it before swimming away.Despite numerous conspiracy theories floating about online, the photograph is not a fake.

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